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Released: Jun 23, 2016
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Release Notes

PYKD BOOTSTRAPPER is a windbg extension. It is a simple dll file (pykd.dll). It DOES NOT contain pykd functionality. I is designed to locate and initialize python core inside windbg. Then you can use any python packages and of course pykd.

Using pykd bootstrapper - is recommended way to use pykd with windbg.

To install pykd.dll you should:

1. Locate your windbg installation place ( for example: C:\Program Files (x86)\Windows Kits\10\Debuggers\x64 )
2. Unpack pykd.dll to the 'ext' directory.

To load pykd.dll:

Run command:
.load pykd

Show help for pykd bootstrapper:

0:000> !


	print this text

	list installed python interpreters

!py [version] [options] [file]
	run python script or REPL

	-2           : use Python2
	-2.x         : use Python2.x
	-3           : use Python3
	-3.x         : use Python3.x

	-g --global  : run code in the common namespace
	-l --local   : run code in the isolated namespace

	command samples:
	"!py"                          : run REPL
	"!py --local"                  : run REPL in the isolated namespace
	"!py -g 10 "string"" : run script file with argument in the common namespace

!pip [version] [args]
	run pip package manager

	-2           : use Python2
	-2.x         : use Python2.x
	-3           : use Python3
	-3.x         : use Python3.x

	pip command samples:
	"pip list"                   : show all installed packages
	"pip install pykd"           : install pykd
	"pip install --upgrade pykd" : upgrade pykd to the latest version
	"pip show pykd"              : show info about pykd package

List all available python core

0:000> !

Installed python

Version:        Status:     Image:
* 2.7 x86-64    Unloaded    C:\Windows\SYSTEM32\python27.dll
  3.5 x86-64    Unloaded    C:\Users\user\AppData\Local\Programs\Python\Python35\python35.dll

To run scripts or REPL use command:

  • To run REPL with the default python: !py
  • To run REPL with the specified python: !py -3
  • To run script with the default python: !py arg1 arg2
  • To run script with the specified python: !py arg1 arg2
  • To run REPL in local scope ( all objects will be destruct after quit() ): !py --local
  • To run script in global scope ( all objects stay to live ): !py --global

You can use "shebang line" to note python version. Insert first line to a script file:
 #! python2


 #! python3.5

To managed python packages use command:


Show package list
0:000> !pip -3.5 list
pip (7.1.2)
pykd (
setuptools (18.2)
wheel (0.29.0)

Show package info:
0:000> !pip -3.5 show pykd
Metadata-Version: 2.0
Name: pykd
Summary: python windbg extension
Home-page: UNKNOWN
Author-email: UNKNOWN
License: UNKNOWN
Location: c:\users\user\appdata\local\programs\python\python35\lib\site-packages

Install or upgrade package:
0:000> !pip -3.5 install --upgrade pykd
Collecting pykd
  Downloading pykd- (3.3MB)
Installing collected packages: pykd
  Found existing installation: pykd
    Uninstalling pykd-
      Successfully uninstalled pykd-
Successfully installed pykd-

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