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Release Notes

Installation as a WinDBG extension with pykd bootstrapper

If you are going to run pykd in the windbg it is easiest way. All you need:
1. download pykd bootstapper
2. choose version ( x64 or x86 ) and copy pykd.dll to winext catalog of the windbg
3. in the windbg load the extension:
  .load pykd

4. If you run pykd the first time you need to install its python package ( see also "Installation as a Python package with pip")

It is equal to running python script: pip install pykd
5. Now you can use pykd
6. You can upgrade pykd from the windbg by command:

Installation as a Python package with pip:

You can install pykd as a common python package with pip:
pip install pykd

Or upgrade existing version:
pip install pykd --upgrade

Pip documentation:
Pykd page on the PyPI:
If pip can not install pykd from PyPI
Sometimes pip can not install packages from PyPi, for example due proxy with NTLM authorization. In this situation you can download a python wheel ( file with wlh extension ) and install it with pip locally:
pip install pykd-

Manual Installation guide:

0. choose x86 or x64 and download it
1. unpack archive to any catalog
2. if you have not a VS Studio 2012 installed, you should register msdia110.dll by the command
regsvr32 msdia110
3. run windbg and load pykd:
.load pathtopykd
4. to use pykd within python program add a path to pykd to the PYTHONPATH or via registry ( \SOFTWARE\Python\PythonCore\version\PythonPath )

Attention!!! Do not attempt to copy pykd.pyd of the 0.3.x version over 0.2.x . It will not work properly!

Where is an automatic installer?

We still have a problem with the installer (see ) and can not upload fixed version now.

What's new

  • closeDump routine can be called with a default value of 'id' parameter
  • targetSystem.processes method (return list of processes for the target system)
  • targetProcess.threads method (return list of threads for the target process)
  • targetProcess.modules method (return list of modules for the target process)
  • targetProcess.breakpoints method (return list of breakpoints for the target process)
  • targetProcess.stack method (return the thread's stack trace)

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