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Released: Sep 9, 2016
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Release Notes

Installation as a WinDBG extension with pykd bootstrapper

If you are going to run pykd in the windbg it is easiest way. Follow this link pykd bootstrapper 2.0 to install pykd bootstrapper and get started.
Python 3.5 support
Pykd bootstrapper 2.0 fully supports python 3.x. You can use 2.x and 3.x python both inside the same windbg session.

Installation as a Python package with pip:

You can install pykd as a common python package with pip:
pip install pykd

Or upgrade existing version:
pip install pykd --upgrade

Pip documentation:
Pykd page on the PyPI:
If pip can not install pykd from PyPI
Sometimes pip can not install packages from PyPi, for example due proxy with NTLM authorization. In this situation you can download a python wheel ( file with wlh extension ) and install it with pip locally:
pip install pykd-

Manual Installation guide:

0. choose x86 or x64 and download it
1. unpack archive to any catalog
2. run windbg and load pykd:
.load path-to-pykd
3. to use pykd within python program add a path to pykd to the PYTHONPATH or via registry ( \SOFTWARE\Python\PythonCore\version\PythonPath )

Attention!!! Do not attempt to copy pykd.pyd of the 0.3.x version over 0.2.x . It will not work properly!

Where is an automatic installer?

We still have a problem with the installer (see ) and can not upload fixed version now.

New Features

  • setReg - set a CPU register value by its name or its index
  • getRegisterName - return register name by its index
  • setIP - set instruction pointer
  • setSP - set stack pointer
  • setBP - set frame pointer

Bug fixed:

  • issue #13979 ( failed to get any field from struct with static field )

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